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Davidsonia pruriens Davidsons plum Bush Tucker


Davidsonia pruriens

An evergreen, Australian rainforest tree with attractive foliage and edible fruit.

FEATURES: A small to medium sized tree with large, dark green, leathery, divided leaves. The new foliage, produced throughout the year, is vivid pink. Pendulous clusters of reddish-brown flowers are followered by purple, edible fruit, resembling small plums, which ripen in late Summer.

CONDITIONS: Grows best in full sun to part shade iDavidsonia pruriens Davidsons Plumn warm site with moist, well-drained soil.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Protect young pants from hot sun and strong winds. Avoid frost and poorly drained soils. .


• fruit can be made into a delicious, dark red jam

• suitable for containers

• good indoor plant when young

• decorative specimen shrub, especially when planted with other rainforest plants