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Fingered Citron or Buddhas Hand Citrus medica

Fingered Citron or Buddhas Hand

Citrus medica

Small, open citrus with distinctive fruit, native to the foothills of the Himalayas. Around 320 B.C., Greeks and Romans used the fruit as a source of fragrance and the leaves as a moth repellent. The fruit has also been used for centuries in the Orient and Mediterranean countries to perfume clothes and rooms, as ornaments in religious ceremonies and is appreciated for its medicinal qualities.

FEATURES: Large, round, leathery leaves. Large, aromatic fruit divided into finger-like sections similar to a hand. Fruit ripens late Autumn to Winter. The flesh lacks seeds and juice, is acid and generally conFingered Citron or Buddhas Hand Citrus medicasidered inedible fresh but may be candied.

CONDITIONS: Prefers well drained soil in full sun.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Protect plants in frost prone areas. Fertilise during the growing season.


• outstanding garden specimen when in fruit

• peel can be candied or used as a condiment in cooking

• use in fruit arrangements to make a bold display