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Flamingo - Acer Negundo


Acer Negundo

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- Height: 5m

- Width: 4m

- Partial Sun

- Autumn Colour

- Frost Hardy

Deciduous maple cultivar with variegated foliage featuring vivid pink new shoots.

Features: New Spring shoots are variegated bright pink and fresh green. Tree appears to be covered in pink blossom at the height of new growth. Mature leaves are apple green and white, flushed slightly pink.Flamingo Acer negundo

Conditions: Suited to deep, fertile soils in a protected, semi-shaded site.

For Best Results: Protect from harsh Summer heat and winds. Mulch soil well with organic matter in Spring and water deeply over hot spells.

Planting Ideas and Uses:

- plant with azaleas and rhododendrons which enjoy similar cool conditions

- excellent small feature tree

- suitable bonsai subject

- colourful foliage for arrangements.