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Grumichama Eugenia brasiliensis syn E. dombeyi


Eugenia brasiliensis syn E. dombeyi

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Hardy and cold tolerant tree to 5m. Thin skinned fruit with sweet flesh suitable for eating, making jam or jelly and wine making.

Small evergreen tree grown for excellent fruit.

FEATURES: Leathery oval-pointed dark green foliage Grumichama Eugenia brasiliensis syn. E. dombeyi Small evergreen tree grown for excellent fruit.makes an attractive backdrop for flowers. White flowers occur singly on stems around 35cm long and develop into cherry sized dark red fruit which ripen to a glossy black and have 1-2 seeds. Highly ornamental tree.

CONDITIONS: From South Brazil. Suited to fertile free draining soils in a sunny warm site." Good in sub/tropical climates. Frost hardy.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with good organic compost and a thick mulch layer. Water by deep soaking in hot weather.


• eat fruit fresh or cooked in jams, jellies, desserts, pies, candied or liqueured

• ornamental tree


- Seedling



- Eugenia brasiliensis