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Jackfruit A striking, large fruit up to 30kg


Artocorpus integrifolio

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A striking, large fruit up to 30kg. Golden yellow flesh has a strong, sweet flavour. Fruit ripens during Autumn and can be eaten fresh or dried.

BLACK GOLD: A superior choice for subtropical climates due to its cold tolerance. Soft-fleshed fruit.

CHEENA: Rich, strong flavour ripen to a golden colour in summer. Small fruit to 3-8kg. Cold tolerant.

GOLDEN NUGGET: Deep orange flesh, high percentage of edible flesh. Excellent flavour. Jackfruit Artocarpus integrifolia Black Gold

HONEY GOLD: Can be maintained to small tree with pruning. Yellow to orange flesh, with a sweet, rich flavour.

SEEDLING: Vigorous grower, fruit after five years.


Prefers free draining soil of neutral pH in a warm humid climate. Hardy to light frost, moderate wind and saline soils.

Fertilise every 6 months with think organic mulch and nutrient application