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Kiwi Fruit or Chinese Gooseberry (Female)

Kiwi Fruit or Chinese Gooseberry (Female)

Actinidia deliciosa (Female)


Vigorous deciduous twining vine. Female plants produce fruit but a male plant is needed for pollination.

FEATURES: Delicious fruit which keeps for long periods.

CONDITIONS: Prefers full sun or semi-shade and a well drained, moist soil. Plenty of water is required. Provide protection from hot, strong winds.

Kiwi Fruit or Chinese Gooseberry FemaleFOR BEST RESULTS: A male vine must be planted nearby for cross-pollination and fruiting to occur. Tie vines to support such as a trellis, fence or pergola. Prune in Summer and Winter to remove unwanted growth but leave the last year's growth from which fruit will arise. Fertilise Spring and mid-Summer. Suppress weeds by mulching.


• eat fruit fresh

• use for desserts, jam, wine and as a food garnish

• use to cover a fence, pergola or an unattractive shed