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Koda Ehretia Acuminata


Ehretia Acuminata

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A Hardy, fast growing tree, usually seen less than 10m tall, bearing dense sprays of delicately scented, white flowers in spring followed by large clusters of edible, sweet tasting, yellow-orange berries in autumn, which are loved and eaten by birds. Tree is spectacular in fruit as the whole canopy becomes covered with the brightly coloured berries. Trees may become deciduous in dry times. Timber used for furniture and joinery. Plant in any well drained soil which is rich in organic matter and apply a light dressing of organic fertiliser in early spring. Keep well watered during dry poeriods. A great shade and bird attracting tree for parks and home gardens.


- Full Sun, Part ShadeKoda

- Bird Attracting

- Garden, Height: 8-10m, Width 6-8m

- Rainforest: Height: 10-20m, Width: 10-15m