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Lacebark Tree

Lacebark Tree

Brachychiton Discolor

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- Height: 10m, Width: 5m

- Flowers in Summer

- Place in Warm position

A semi-evergree, Australian native tree with a striking Summer flowering display.

Features: A large, bushy tree with a stout, grey trunk and attractively patterned bark. The large, matt-green leaves have a felt-like covering and fall from the tree prior to flowering. Then, in Summer, the bare tree is covered in a profusion of 6cm, woolly, pink, bell-shaped flowers that hang in clusters at the ends of the branches.Lacebark-Tree-Brachychiton-Discolor

Conditions: Enjoys a warm, sunny, moist, well drained position but will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, and an occasional frost, once established.

For Best Results: Mulch to maintain soil moisture. Fertilise in Spring if required.

Planting Ideas and Uses:

- striking specimen tree

- site where Summer bloom can be enjoyed