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Sweet Gum

Liquidambar Styraciflua

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- Height: 8-20m

- Width: 4-10m

- Full to Partial Sun

- Autumn Colour

- Frost Hardy

Conical deciduous tree grown for showy Autumn foliage.

Features: Large maple-like leaves are green in Spring and Summer and turn brilliant shades in Autumn. Liquidambar StyracifluaYellow, orange, burgundy and red tones all seen making this a striking specimen. Attractive symmetrical overall shape seen over Winter after leaves have fallen.

Conditions: Suited to moderate to fertile soils in sun or semi-shade.

For Best Results: Enrich soil with a little compost in a mulch layer that includes the fallen leaves. Plant away from paths to avoid fallen leaves and seed pods.

Planting Ideas and Uses:

- Excellent Autumn colour feature tree

- broad avenue tree