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Macadamia Attractive evergreen tree grown for its tasty, high quality, edible nuts.


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Attractive evergreen tree grown for its tasty, high quality, edible nuts. The icon of Australian native foods.

A4: Hybrid Aust. selection that has proved to be a highly precocious variety with large nuts and very high percentage kernel recovery. Spreading tree susceptible to Wind damage.

A16: Aust. selection g tendencies. More wind tolerant. Slow growing producing a medium to large nut of excellent quality and high kernel recovery.Macadamia

A38: A vigorous and precocious upright tree that produces a high yield per hectare has a medium-large kernel and a medium-high kernel recovery.

A286: A medium spreading tree of medium density with mid season fall. Very hardy and performs well over a wide area including cooler regions .

246: Heavy consistent cropper with high kernel recovery.

816: New Hawaiian selection that is a preferred commercial variety in new plantings. Good resistance to husk spot. Upright, moderately dense tree, very high % kernel recovery. Large uniform kernels, early to mid season nut drop.

H2 SEEDLING: Strong growing variety we use as a rootstock Worth growing in marginal areas and can start producing nuts in around 5 years.


Prefers well drained soil in frost-free, full sun sheltered position. Suits warm subtropical to cool temperature climates. Protect from strong winds. Water well during Summer. Fertilise every 3 months. Pruning limited to removal 01 low sideshoots and to encourage branching as a young tree.


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