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Mandarin Honey Murcott Murcott Tangor

Mandarin Honey Murcott

Murcott Tangor

Buy Honey Murcott

Late maturing (Aug-Oct. in warmer regions extended to Dec. in cooler regions), attractive sized, thin skinned fruit of excellent flavour and high juice content.


CONDITIONS: Select a warm sunny site with free draining fertile soil. Protect from frosts.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Best in fertile, light sandy or loMANDARIN CULTURAL NOTESam soils. Use a good organic compost in a thick mulch layer, kept clear of the trunk. Feed with complete slow release fertiliser or citrus food late Winter/early Spring and late Summer. Water regularly by slow deep soaking over warmer months. Avoid cultivating around surface roots. Clip fruit from tree rather than pulling them off.

PRUNING: Prune to thin crowded stems after fruiting and allow more light into the centre of the tree. Trim soft water or rootstock shoots.


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