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Mandarin Mandarines are a versatile citrus tree


Reticuloto Mandarin

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Mandarins are a versatile citrus tree contributing ornamental value with an ever-abundant supply of sweet fruit. Featuring glossy green foliage, white perfumed flowers and a prolific supply of colourful fruit. Perfectly suited to the home orchard, tubs and containers.

Varietal Information. Listed in order of maturity.

SATSUMA - OKITSUWASE: The earliest (approx April) of the mandarins and most popular variety in Japan. Easy peeling 'zipper' skin. Seedless, cold hardy.

• FREMONT: AMandarin Citrus reticulatan early sweet mandarin. Brilliant red/orange coloured skin. Excellent flavour.April-June.

IMPERIAL: Early season, seeded fruit with slightly lumpy, loose easy peeling skin.Good flavour, frost resistant and heavy cropper. Traditionally the main commercial early variety.

• DAISY: Large fruit size, relatively seedless. Easy peeling with glossy red/orange smooth skin. Long harvest period with lasting flavour. Early/mid season.

CLEMENTINE - NULES: Early, good size and vigorous tree. Seedless when grown by itself. Old fashioned tangerine taste. Loose skin makes for easy peeling.

• EMPEROR: Pale puffy orange skin. Excellent flavour however the fruit can be prone to drying if harvest is delayed. Loose skin that is very easy to peel. Most popular mid season variety.

AFOURER: Mid-Late season mandarin. Very lovely tasting, and seedless if planted alone.

• PIXIE: Late maturing Californian variety, seedless good flavour. Upright growth and vigorous.

HONEY MURCOTT: Popular late season variety with long harvest period Frost sensitive. Tight deep orange skin, seeded fruit, heavy cropping with excellent rich juicy flavour.  


Prefers warm sunny site with free draining fertile soils that are well mulched. Fertilise, irrigate and make sure weed free in July/Aug. to ensure healthy productive trees. Prune only when needed, by removing water shoots, skirting young trees and removing dead growth in late winter. Use DC Tron Plus oil in summer to control most pests.