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Nashi or Asian Pear Pyrus pyrifolia Distinctive fruit which combines the flavour and sweetness

Nashi or Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia

Buy Nashi or Asian Pear

Distinctive fruit which combines the flavour and sweetness of a pear with the crispness and shape of an apple.

FEATURES: Apple-like fruit which is round and crisp with a sweet flavour. Ripe fruit is juicy with slightly yellow skin and soft flesh.

CONDITIONS: Prefers well drained soil in an open, sunny position. 

FOR BEST RESULTS: Train on an espalier to prevent branches from breaking under the weight of the fruit. Fertilise with a complete fertiliser in Spring. Allow fruit to ripen on the tree. Cross pollination required for some varieties.


• eat fruit fresh from the treeNASHI or ASIAN PEAR

• use fresh in salads


• Pyrus callyerana 06

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