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Native Bleeding Heart

Native Bleeding Heart

Omalanthus Populifolius

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- Colourful Foliage

- Height: 2-5m, Width 2-4m

- Sun to Semi-shade

- Containers

Fast growing evergree Australian native spreading shrub to small tree with attractive, colourful foliage.

Features: Rounded broad shrub to small tree with heart-shaped foliage. New leaves are a mid to bright green and age to red making an attractive contrast. Young plants make good indoor specmens as they are tolerant of low light conditions. Greenish berries attract birds.Omalanthus Populifolius

Conditions: Suited to most free draining soils in sun to semi-shade. Tolerant of poor, rich or sandy soils and shade.

For Best Results: Mulch well. Best planted well away from drains.

Planting ideas and Uses:

- good indoor or potted specimen

- look good with either native or exotic shrubs and trees or a mixture

- good shade tree