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Corvo illinoiensis

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Pecan trees are among the best of the long-term low maintanence productive trees providing a valuable nut crop. Very hardy and adaptable nut tree that will grow over most subtropical and temperate regions of Aust. Grafted trees can begin bearing in 3-4 years and can grow up to 12 m high.

PAWNEE (A): Large high quality nut of excellent quality. Precocious early variety that is proving to be popular in coastal areas. Partially SP. Pecan Pawnee cape fear mohawk

CAPE FEAR (A): Medium sized, good precocious variety. Easy to shell with. a high kernel percentage. Light coloured nut of excellent quality. SP

MOHAWK (B): Large nut similar to Mahan. Vigorous tree, precocious and prolific. Thin shell of attractive appearance. Matures early.

CHEROKEE (A): One of the most prolific varieties known. Suited to high density planting. Medium sized nut. Good self pollinating selection. Excellent quality, easily shelled.

SHOSHONI (B): This early variety has proven to be one of the most popular of the new varieties. It is a very precocious and a heavy cropper in subtropical areas.

TEJAS (B): Outstanding all round early / mid variety. High kernel quality, easy to shell. Very precocious. Good pollinator for all varieties. Small to medium nut size. Ideally suited to commercial or backyard planting .

CHEVENNE (A): A medium sized nut with attractive shell. Nuts are loose in the shell. Excellent flavour. Well adapted to mechanical shelling. Good for high density plantings.

APACHE (B): A vigorous tree producing a large smooth nut with thin shell.

Good cracking quality. Excellent rootstock tree. Heavy yield. Late variety.

SEEDLING: A highly nutritious nut that will grow and produce in almost any environment. Seedlings are from heavy bearing grafted trees. Bear 8 - 12 years. Good .for rootstock or if a fast growing tree is required.


For increases nut production plant an A and 8 type together. Trees grow slowly the first few years until established. Keep weed free, mulched and fertilise in early Spring: Prune to a central leader system making sure to develop a strong frame work.


Apache Seedling