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Persimmon Non Astringent

Persimmon Non Astringent

Diospyros variety

Decorative deciduous tree to 5m. Fruits late February to May. Fruit is non astringent at harvest.

• Fuyu • Saruge •Izu • Ichikikei jiro


Persimmons are highly decorative, hardy trees bearing striking flowers, good Autumn colour and edible fruit.

Non astringent varieties can be eaten while firm aPersimmon Cultural Notes Diospyros varietys opposed to astringent varieties which are sharp and bitter to taste until they have ripened almost to-jelly softness.

They grow well in both subtropical and temperate climates and adapt well to different soil types as long as they are deep, rich, and well drained. A position protected from winds, in full sun is best. Plant in well worked, moist soil (incorporate fertiliser and/or compost) ensuring the bud union is at least 10cm above soil level. Water well and keep moist until established.

Apply fertiliser as recommended annually in Winter. A light pruning only is required as persimmon produce fruit on current season's growth. Harvest when fruit are well developed and of characteristic colour.


• Diospyros kaki