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Persimmon Hyakumo



• Hyakumo

Decorative deciduous tree to 5m. Fruits late Feb to May after 3 years. Pick when mature but firm, eat fresh or cooked.


Persimmons are highly ornamental, hardy trees with good Autumn color and edible fruit. They grow well in both subtropical and temperate climates, preferring a deep, rich, well drained soil, but tolerating a range of well drained soils. A position protected from winds, in full sun is best.

Plant in well worked, mPersimmon Cultural Notesoist soil (incorporate fertiliser and/or compost) ensuring the bud union is at least 10cm above soil level. Water well and keep moist until established.

Apply fertiliser as recommended annually in Winter. A light pruning only is required as persimmons produce fruit on current season's growth. Harvest when fruit are well developed and of characteristic colour.