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Pencil Cedar

Pencil Cedar

Polyscias Murrayi

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Description: A large, graceful evergreen tree.

Foliage: An umbrella of long palm-like, compound leaves, each up to 1m in length.

Trunk: Straight, pale and slender.

Fruit: Masses of small, blue fruit which are relished by birds. Winter.

Cultivation: Very fast growing with a year growth rate of up to 3m in the first year. Tolerates light frost and a wide range of soils and conditions. Keep well watered and mulched in warm weather.

Uses: A handsome foliage plant for subtropical to tropical gardens and useful indoor specimen when young.Polyscias murrayi


- Full Sun

- Bird Attracting

- Garden: Height 12-15m, Width 4-6m

- Rainforest: Height: 15-20m, Width: 8m