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Sarcopteryx Stipata

Buy Steelwood

Description: An small to medium evergreen bushy tree.

Bark: Commonly called Steelwood due to its tough, Axe resistant heartwood and corrugated sapwood.

Foliage: The leaves mature from a glossy straw colour to dull dark green. New growth flushes pink-red.

Flowers: Small creamy-white flowers.

Fruit: Showy, vivid red, fleshy fruit which ooze bitter juice when cut. Spring and summer.Sarcopteryx Stipata

Cultivation: Plants thrive in well drained, rich soil. Keep well watered and mulched during dry weather and eliminate grass competition from base of plant.

Uses: A useful specimen or shade tree for coastal areas and attractive indoor plant when young.


- Full Sun

- Shaded Position

- Tolerates coastal conditions

- Garden: Height: 6-8m, Width: 4-6m

- Rainforest: Height: 8-12m, Width: 6-8m