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Soursop Annona muricata Large, very characteristic fruit with juicy and tangy flesh


Annona muricata

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Large, very characteristic fruit with juicy and tangy flesh.

Vigorous semi-deciduous upright tree.

FEATURES: Huge green fruits which May eventually weigh 2 to 4 kg, are covered in tiny soft short spines.

CONDITIONS: Prefers a sunny position with moist, well drained soil which is not wet. Protect from wind damage.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Adequate water is essential especially during flowering, fruit development and early fruit maturation periSoursop Annona muricataods. Prune when trees are dormant and in Summer. Harvest mature fruit while still firm.


• sieve the flesh to make a drink

• puree the fruit to make a cream

• add to tropical fruit salads

• Seedling

• Cuban Fibrel