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Plumcott Spring Satin

Prunus species

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Plumcot Sprint Satin

• PLUMCOT - a cross between a plum and apricot, is now available to order from Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery.

• Medium Chill

• Spring Satin produces beautiful white flowers that bloom in Spring.

• Fruit matures in late Spring and has a yellowish-red flesh when mature.

• This unique cross is tolerant to major plum diseases including bacterial spot, bacterial canker, and plum leaf scald.

• Partially self fertile, but benefits from cross pollination from other Plums and Apricots



Visit our website for cultural information: Spring Satin™ is a natural hybrid between a plum and apricot. It produces beautiful white flowers that bloom around mid September followed by large, sweet, high quality fruit that matures in late November / early December. The internal fruit colour is a vibrant yellow flesh when immature, changing to a yellowish-red when mature. The outside of the fruit is a deep, rich dark plum colour. The unique Spring Satin™ Plumcot is tolerant to major plum diseases, like bacterial spot and bacterial canker. This fruiting sensation will be a welcome addition to anyone’s garden!!! Uses: Fruit production, espalier, feature tree or specimen shrub.

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