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Scrub Beefwood or Red Silky Oak - Stenocarpus Salignus

Scrub Beefwood or Red Silky Oak

Stenocarpus Salignus

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A tall tree with a dense rounded crown. Fragrant white summer flowers form dense clusters. Attracts nectar feeding birds. Height variable with conditions.

Planting: Can be done almost anytime except when the soil is waterlogged.

Heavy Clay Soils can be improved by digging in gypsum and compost. This opens the clay structure and improves drainage, which is essential for healthy plant growth. Build up depth of top soil rather than dig down into clay soils.

Sandy Soils can be improved by digging over and adding organic material such as good compost, enabling the soil to hold moisture and nutrient.

The hole for planting should be at least twice as wide and deeper than the root-ball. Tight root balls should be teased out a little. Settle plant into prepared hole at correct soil level (see diagram), backfill with friable soil, and firm down.

When planted, water in thoroughly and keep the soil moist until the plant is established, especially through warm weather. Mulching around plants will prevent undue drying out. Type of soil and position will influence plant growth and height.