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Subsp Wilsonii Syzygium Wilsonii

Powderpuff Lilly Pilly

Syzygium Wilsonii

Buy Syzygium Wilsonii

(subsp. Wilsonii)

Description: An evergreen, small, spreading shrub with arching branches.

Foliage: Attractive dark green foliage and spectacular flushes of brilliant pink new growth.

Flowers: Showy, dense clusters of bright scarlet, sometimes pink, fluffy flowers hang from the ends of the branches in spring.

Fruit: Bunches of white, edible fruit which are too sour to eat raw.

Cultivation: Thrives in warm, humid positions, needing protection from direct sun and drying winds. Keep well mulched in warm weather and feed with an all purpose plant food in early spring.Powderpuff lilly pilly

Uses: A colourful shrub for shady spots in suburban gardens, parks and manicured landscapes, and great tub plant for patios and courtyards.


- Part Shade

- Bird Attracting

- Garden: Height: 2-3m, Width: 1-2m

- Rainforest: Height: 4-6m, Width: 2-3m