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Tulipwood - Harpullia Pendula


Harpullia Pendula

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A hardy, fast growing, small to medium evergreen tree with attractive, pale green foliage, duller and paler beneath large, pendulous sprays of greenish-yellow, slightly fragrant flowers borne in summer. Followed by showy orange seed-cases that mature in winter and open to reveal glossy black seeds. Will tolerate dry conditions and most soil types cut as a timber tree for its tough light wood which is attractively patterned and easily worked. An excellent shade tree for parks, large gardens and acreage plantings. Often seen as an ornamental street tree intropical and subtropical regions.

Details:Harpullia Pendula Tulipwood

- Full Sun

- Frost Tender

- Garden: Height: 7-10m, Width: 2-3m

- Rainforest: Height: 8-15m, Width: 4-6m