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Ugni Molinae Chilean Guava

Ugni Molinae

Chilean Guava

(Syn. Myrtus ugni)

Hedge Plant

A highly decorative plant grown for its foliage, flowers and berries. This densely foliaged, slow growing, evergreen shrub produces glossy green, aromatic leaves, and in spring, bears a mass of bell-shaped, white or pink flowers, which are followed by bright purple to red berries. The edible berries can be used for pie fillings and jam. While mature plants can attain 4.5m in height, plants can be clipped to 2m or less. Grows best in full sun in acidic, well drained soil, but tolerates light shade. Suitable for hedges, topiary and shrubberies. Prune in winter to maintain compact growth.

- Full SunUgni molinae (Syn. Myrtus ugni)

- Part Shade

- Height to 5m

- Hedge Plant