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Wampi Clausena lansium Handsome foliage evergreen tree.


Clausena lansium

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Handsome foliage evergreen tree grown for Summer ripe fruit with grape like flesh. Popular in S.E Asian gardens.

Fruit rich in vitamin C that is grown popularly in Asian back yards - originally from Thailand.

FEATURES: Large lobed, bright green foliage which is aromatic when crushed forms a tall slender tree. Sprays of white flowers become loose clusters of brownish fruit. Thin crisp skins split easily and Wampi Clausena lansium Fruit rich in vitamin Cthe grape-like greenish flesh can be eaten directly seeds and all.

CONDITIONS: Suited to fertile, free draining moist soils in full sun. For warm to tropical climates. Can recover from light frost damage. Minimum of -20'C. Coastal gardens.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with manure and compost in a thick mulch. Water well.


• eat fruit fresh or make jam or dessert recipes

• make juice or pies