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Washington Navel Orange

Washington Navel Orange

Buy Washington Navel Orange

Ideal in ground or pots

Early maturing variety. Large juicy fruit, excellent for eating and easy to peel. Holds well on the tree. Prefers areas of moderate temperatures for high yields.

Site Conditions: Prefers a warm sunny well drained position in fertile and free draining soil or potting mix. Containerized citrus do well in courtyards and on patios, balconies and decks.

Potting Advice: Place a small quantity of quality potting mix in the pot or tub, remove plant from its bag and place into pot keeping the Washington Navel Orangebud union at least 10cm above the soil level. Fill with soil leaving no air tight pockets. Water regularly.

Planting Advice: Dig hole slightly larger than root system. Remove the tree from its bag and place tree in hole making sure the bud union is at least 10cm above soil level. Fill with soil leaving no air pockets. Water well, repeat next day, then twice weekly for 3 weeks then weekly for first growing season.

Caring For Your Tree: Feed with slow realease complete fertilizer or citrus food late Winter or early Spring and late Summer within the drip line of the tree. Mulch well to retain soil moisture. Your garden retail can advise regarding pest or disease control.