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Wax Jambu or Water Roseapple Syzygium aqueum Unusual fruiting evergreen for warm

Wax Jambu or Water Roseapple

Syzygium aqueum

Buy Wax Jambu or Water Roseapple

Handsome evergreen tree to around 8m tall grown for high water content, refreshing fruit.

Unusual fruiting evergreen for warm temperate to tropical climates.

FEATURES: Glossy dark green foliaged tree from tropical regions of north east Australia. Fruiting trees have been selected for large seedless fruit. The fruit are bell shaped, pink to red, fleshy and sweet with a high water content. Highly ornamental tree with. edible fruit.

CONDITIONS: Suited to fertileWax Jambu or Water Roseapple, moist soils in sun to light semi-shade. Sensitive to frost.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with well rotted compost and mulch well. Water regularly by deep soaking over hot periods. Feed using complete fertilizer in Spring.


• slice fruit thinly and add to green salads .

• use in jam to bulk out other fruit.