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White Grapes

White Grapes

Buy White Grapes

White grapes range in colour from pale yellow green to light green, black grapes from light red to purple black. Grapes are categorised by their uses, either a table grape or a wine grape. Wine grape. Wine grapes have high acidity and are therefore to tart for general eating. The grapes listed below have a high resistace to mildew disease and are well suited to areas with high levels of humidity.

PINK IONA: Sweet variety with pinkish skin and high resistance to downy mildew. Very hardy and well suited to coastal conditions.

GOLDEN MUSCAT: Large round-ovaWhite Grape Pink Iona Golden Muscat Lady Patricial fruit with golden-yellow skin and a very juicy flesh. A sweet, aromatic slight muscat flavour. Excellent quality.

LADY PATRICIA: Well suited to subtropical conditions. Produces large clusters of lady-finger shaped grapes. Tender flesh with sweet slightly astringent flesh.


Plant in well-drained location and water well. After 1 st years growth, prune to leave strongest leader on trellis. 2nd year train fruiting laterals horizontally. 3rd year prune fruiting canes back to 3 or 4 buds.