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Australian Rare Fruit Review 2008 Magazine CoverAustralian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2008


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Table of Contents

In My Backyard - Special Feature

Gone Bananas?

Two city slickers make a tree change and rehabilitate an old orchard.

Dare to Downsize

Cheryl Gatti shares her story of
selling and moving to a suburban

 The Barefoot Gardener

Visit the wonderful and chaotic garden of Dawn Meneikys.

Brick and Tile Permaculture

How a conventional house and garden were constructed with a permaculture slant.

Micro Eden

A permaculture approach to home garden design.

Permaculture Design List

A list of sub tropical fruit trees to help with your garden design

Garden Power

Planning a vegetable garden in the tropics.


Adele's Grove

The remnants of one man’s dream - a botanical oasis in the outback.

Tropical Tastes

Think Far North Queensland is just reef and rainforest? Then, think again.

Preserving Diversity

Challenges from bureaucracy and climate change may reduce our food security.


Backyard Dwarves

Solomon varieties of dwarf coconuts open up possibilities for the backyarder.

The Marula Tree

Searching for a fruit that Africans, and elephants rave about.


Quality Starts at Grassroots

Andre Leu shares his thoughts on practices for improving soil in the orchard.


Blooming Basics

Roger Goebel reviews two books written to encourage school gardens.

Human Interest

Organic - Where do I Start?

The Reitano family shares their journey along the path to organic production