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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Guanaba and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Guanaba Plants - Most Popular

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

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Grevillea Royal Mantle

Grevillea - Royal Mantle

Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' is a hardy ground cover with beautiful coppery red foliage. Dark red toothbrush-type flowers are borne terminally on short branchlets. The red styles have conspicuous yellow stigmas. 6m
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$12.90 17 Cutting MT

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Acmena smithii compliments of Noosa Native plants

Lilly Pilly - Creek

Attractive small tree has the ability to survive in a wide range of habitats. The small white fluffy blossom are born in early summer with mass fruiting occurring in autumn every few years. Most hardy frost tolerant lilly pilly
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$2.95 60 Seedling FT

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Red Cedar at Brindle Creek in Border Ranges National Park

Red Cedar

Fast growing decidous rainforest tree,  highly valued for its timber in earlier days. Has now become rare. Easily grown on moist soils of eastern Australia. Australian Timber Database
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$2.95 1 Seedling FT Email Me When Available In Production

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Banksia spinulosa

Banksia - Hairpin

A beautiful native plant with stunning large flowers that range in colour from brown,red and orange to gold. It is a shrub or small tree that is suited to a wide range of soil types and temperatures growing naturally from Victoria through to Cairns. Great food source for bees and nectar feeding birds.
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$2.95 54 Seedling FT

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