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SANDPAPER FIG Ficus coronata

This small fig occurs along watercourses along the east coast of Australia. An attractive small tree with sandpapery leaves and edible fruit. Grows densely in full sun, less so in shade. Very good for stream bank stablilisation.

The small figs are a tasty bush food and the leaves were used by Indigenour Australians to finish off their wooden tool.

Ficus opposita

Fig - Sandpaper Birds Eye

A outstanding selection of the native Sandpaper fig. Large, flavoursome, red fleshed fig. Heavy cropping and no splitting in wet weather. Ideal fig selection for wet coastal areas.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$12.90 34 Cutting MT

$14.75 0 Cutting ST Email Me When Available In Production
Grown From Climate Height Frost tol. Pollination req'd Evergreen/Deciduous Harvest period
3-8 Medium No Evergreen Summer - Autumn

Customer Comments on Sandpaper Fig

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Sandpaper Fig

Very hardy, beautiful little tree with delicious fruit. Grows nicely in sun or partial shade but not surprisingly, fruit from trees in full sun are sweeter. Fast grower in pots too. | Diane - Seven Hills, NSW 04-Feb-2014
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Sandpaper Fig

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