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NASHI PEAR Pyrus pyrifolia

Also known as an Asian Pear this fruit combines the juiciness of a pear with the crispness of an apple. The taste is similar to a pear but is much sweeter. Fantastic storage qualities.

Nashi Pear China Self Pollinating for Australian warmer climates

Nashi Pear - China

Very low chill selection that has acclimatised to the subtropical areas of northern NSW. Used as a cooking pear as the fruit dosnt go soft on ripening. Self pollinating.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$27.90 9 Grafted 175mm

$24.90 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Nashi shinseiki compliments of jardinerie

Nashi Pear - Shinseiki

Round, medium to large, yellow fruit. Crisp creamy white flesh; mild, sweet flavour. Tastes best when tree ripened. Hangs on the tree in good condition for 4 - 6 weeks. Vigorous and spreading. Self-pollinating with a lower chill requirement than most.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$27.90 8 Grafted 175mm

$24.90 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Nashi Hosui Compliments of incredapple

Nashi Pear - Hosui

A very large, juicy, sweet, low acid, bronze-skinned pear that is one of the most popular varieties. Hosui is partially self-pollinating however will benefit from cross pollination with Kosui.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$27.90 6 Grafted 165mm

Nashi Sunshu

Nashi - Tropical Sunshu

A superior low chill nashi suitable for subtropical areas, a vigorous selection that is self pollinating and will be highly productive within 2-3 years.  The delicate beige speckled skin is attractive, the flesh is white, crisp and crunchy and melts in the mouth. Delicious eaten straight off the tree.  
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$42.95 6 Grafted 165mm

Nashi Nijiseiki compliments of hazeldean forest farm

Nashi Pear - Nijiseiki

A heavy bearing spreading variety. Medium sized round fruit of excellent eating quality with yellowish green clear skin and moderate sugar content. This variety appears to set fruit without pollination however the fruit is smaller.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$29.90 2 Grafted 165mm

$24.90 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Nashi YaLi Compliments of Fowler Nursery

Nashi - Ya Li Pear

The Yali pear has very white, very juicy and very sweet flesh, with a satisfying crunch to it. The skin and the flesh texture is smooth making it a scrumptious delight. It pollinates well with all other nashis.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$29.00 11 Grafted 165mm

$29.00 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available
Nashi Pear Kosui For Sale 165mm pot

Nashi Pear - Kosui

Small, flat, bronze russet, early maturing, high quality sweet fruit. Nashi's combine the crunchiness of an apple and the sweetness of a pear.
PriceAvail.PropPotBuy Options
$24.90 0 Grafted 165mm Email Me When Available In Production

Plant Information or Specifications

Grown From

Climate Suitability


Height when established

5 metres

Frost Tolerance


Is Pollination Required?

Yes (About)

Leaf Growth Habit


Fruit Harvest Months in Australia

February - April


Customer Comments on Nashi Pear

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