Acerola - Florida Sweet

$14.90 ($14.90-$79.00 choose a size)

This bright red cherry like fruit has varying tastes during different stages as it ripens. When fully ripe the fruit is juicy and aromatic with its acid content giving it a sweet acid apple-like flavour. The tree can produce a number or crops each year, making for quite a long harvest season. Our selection is called the acerola Florida Sweet Cherry and is a pleasant eating variety that is not too sour. The acerola is well suited to pot culture where it can be kept to a smaller size. It could also be grown this way in cooler climates where it can be moved to a warmer position in the winter. A word of warning the foliage of the plant is covered in tiny irritating stinging hairs that can produce an allergic reaction. When pruning your trees wear a long sleeved shirt and a pair of gloves.
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Eucalyptus - Narrow-leaved Ironbark


An erect tree with hard deeply furrowed black persistent bark and narrowed drooping leaves. One of the important commercial timbers of Qld with hard reddish durable timber used for heavy construction. A slower growing eucalypt.

Eucalyptus - Forest Red Gum


Frequently tall with a thick trunk gracing river flats on the east coast of Australia. Provides habitat and food for a wide variety of species - mammals, bird and insects. This is an important Koala food tree and as it is a hollow forming tree it provides nesting habitat for those species that depend on them for breeding. In areas of lower fertility and rainfall it can be stouter with a short trunk and heavily branched crown. To maximise the use of these trees by Koalas, an avenue planting providing an escape root from predators, including dogs and cattle, is very important. Long lived, helping to keep water tables low.

Eucalyptus - Spotted Gum


Hardy and Both the foliage and the trunks are beautiful, making it an ideal choice where the space is available. Well-grown stock should grow quickly, and provide beautiful character within a few years after planting. Hardy and durable timber used for multiple purposes. See http://www.timber.net.au
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