Giant Yellow Mulberry fruit

Giant Yellow Mulberry fruit By AGRIPO [CC BY-SA 4.0] (Photo Credits)

Giant Yellow Mulberry For Sale (Size: Large)  (Rhizome)

Giant Yellow Mulberry For Sale (Size: Large) (Rhizome)

Giant Yellow Mulberry For Sale (Medium)

Giant Yellow Mulberry For Sale (Medium)

Giant Yellow Mulberry

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Commonly known as soup tree as the young leaves are used in a very popular soup in Nigeria. The female flowers are insignificant but are followed by large irregularly shaped yellow fruits, which are 10-15cm across and contain up to 15 large seeds, each enclosed in a polygonal segment. The flesh is edible raw and the seeds, which are about 1 cm long, are very nutritious, containing oil, proteins and sugars. They can be shelled and cooked in various ways. There is no mistaking this tree with its enormous leaves that reach 70cm in diameter, with 7-9 leaflets up to 50cm long and 25cm across.
Other Names: Corkwood, soup tree, ibisere

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