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Myrcianthes pungens compliments of tropicalfruitseedsBotanical Name: Myrcianthes pungens

Small fruit resembling a strawberry guava but with dark skin and orange coloured pulp. It has firm, sweet, slightly acidic flavored pulp. Medium to large sized tree.

Other Names: #MT10
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$19.75 0 Seedling Medium Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material

Plant Information or Specifications

Preferred Climate

Warm Temperate, Subtropical
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Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

1 (Self Pollinating)
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Amount of leaves in Winter?

All Leaves (Evergreen)

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Guabiyu (Seedling)

Linton's Edible Fruits
Update: 487 days 6hrs

Comments: -

Guabiyu - Myrcianthes Pungens

Slow growing for the first couple of years but they have been reported as producing fruit within 3 or 4 years. The fruit are very sweet with excellent flavour. Very hardy tree being cold tolerant and suitable for growing in Melbourne.

Planted: 2016

Height 15 Centimetres

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Low Sun

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mcmelb1 says... [108 days 17hrs ago]
Do they taste good? I tried a few berries and they tasted sweet but insipid, completely lacking any acid. Do you think it was the tree i picked them from? It was growing in a shady area.
Linton says... [107 days 5hrs ago]
Yes, they are sweet without any acidity which some people prefer so whether they are considered to taste good is somewhat subjective depending on the persons tastes. If you want something with more acidity why not just grow Surinam Cherries, easy to grow and highly acidic.
mcmelb1 says... [106 days 24hrs ago]
I thought the fruits tasted a bit like nata de coco. I'm already growing surinam cherries, thanks for the recommendation though!

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