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Apple Tree buds havent opened. Why?

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Michael8t1 starts with ...
Hello friends. This is my 1st post here. I have a dwarf pink lady tree which started budding after winter but has not gone any further. I dont see any obvious defect on the tree and am after some help. The plant is in a pot with new soil and was fertalised a month ago with a slow release.

Any ideas.

Thank you
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28th October 2018 8:59pm
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bspargo says...
Hey there, i'm new to apples myself, planted a few about a year ago. i'm near West Ryde. Two of my plants actually retained some leaves all the way through winter! Only then did i read about chill hours and realised mine may not have got enough chill hours. Apparently you can fool them early on by putting ice near the roots or frozen towels on the branches! Anyway, i just pulled the last of the leaves off as spring approached. But even now, they are only just sprouting. One of them hasn't any full leaves yet but i can see some of the buds starting to crack open.
I'm actually trying to graft some other varieties onto mine that are lower chill. I also bought a pinkabelle which is low chill. Although you should've got more chill than me. I think just give it a bit more time and it should come good.
good luck!
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West Ryde
2nd November 2018 10:13pm
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