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Apple tree - strange growth on limbs

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Tondo Lillrose starts with ...
I don’t suppose anyone can identify what’s going on with my pink lady apple tree? The tree is about three years old, and has some lovely fruit on it at the moment. When inspecting it today, we noticed these bulbous growths on its limbs. It seems to be restricted to the older parts of the tree. Last year, we had our first crop and we think that it had coddling moth - but no sign of that this year. The tree is in the ground, and we have heavy clay soil, but the planting holes were filled with good quality soil. We did put a couple of handfuls of well rotted chook manure at the base about three weeks ago. As you can see from the pictures, the tree has a friend - the Granny Smith on the left. No sign of anything on it. These trees are not watered as such, only from rain. I’ve searched high and low for an answer, but I can’t find anything that resembles the problem. Geelong, Victoria.
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Tondo Lillrose
18th April 2020 6:52pm
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bspargo says...
it's really hard to tell. I'm wondering if they might be burr knots, basically it's kind of like the tree trying to grow roots in the wrong place. If you see little nodules coming out then it probably is. It's more common on some rootstock and apple varieties than others. Not particularly damaging, a lot of people say they can be left, but I think it's possible they can restrict or stop growth on the branches if they get too out of control. I got a similar one at a grafting site for one of my trees and also near the original rootstock graft.
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12th May 2020 8:42pm
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