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Apple Trees &amp; Chill

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bspargo starts with ...
Hi, i planted a couple of apple trees last season. I planted three trees along my fence and i'm aspaliering them. One did not take but i replaced it this year.

The issue is i just realised i've planted two varieties that require more chill than what i get here in West ryde, sydney. Spartan and Akane. Will it just be a waste of time growing these? In theory could i graft low-chill varieties like sundowner or granny smith on to them instead? Does anyone have any cuttings i could get?! :)

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West Ryde
29th September 2018 7:46pm
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Gus R says...
You won't know for some time yet. Depending on the rootstock they were grafted on to they can take up to 5 years to come into proper bearing.
Chill hours is not a precise science. It would appear with apples this is less so. You will find on the net a guy in California who gets fruit from many different apple varieties, despite conventional wisdom that the climate was too warm.
Quality of fruit is a different matter altogether. They do in general prefer cooler summer temperatures, ie. Batlow NSW.

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Gus R
27th October 2018 12:42pm
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