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avo rootstock taking over

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maxzoo starts with ...
i have a young hass tree and recently the rootstock has thrown up a strong branch, i came back from a holiday to find it....so do i keep it or chop it and are there any pro's for keepong it. It looks way more vibrant then the hass..
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30th March 2016 8:01pm
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Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery says...
You need to cut off every growth below the graft. It is very common in many grafted fruit trees for the graft to be much more vigorous and want to take over. You want the rootstock to put all it's energy into supply nutrients to the grafted variety and not growing it's own branches.

Here is our video on why people fail at avocado trees which has other helpful advice.
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31st March 2016 9:39am
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