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Avocado branches turning black

    2 responses

Kaliea starts with ...
Hi all! I have an avocado plant which i have grown from a seed, is in planted in a pot for about 5 years now.
It was doing fine until one day my neighbor decided to snip off some of its branches without my permission because “they looked dry”

It was okay for a few weeks and it even started growing new branches, after not being home for a week ,I returned to find that branches of my avocado plant turning black.

My avocado has been in the same spot for years, with bright sunlight. Sheltered from the elements. Watered every 3-4 days. The last time I gave it some bone meal and chicken poop was well over 6 months ago.

I have read through some post that suggested cutting off all blacked area and coating the whole plant with copper spray.

Appreciate any advice, please save my avo, I have painstakingly repotted it every 1.5 years. I can’t lose it. (T.T)
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Singapore 550550 Singapore Singapore
19th March 2021 3:27am
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jakfruit etiquette says...
Hi it looks like sunburn or infection, maybe from dirty cutters doing the snip. The lower part still looks ok.
I would not give heavy fertilizer just now, maybe seaweed liquid.
I would go ahead with the copper, maybe paint as a wet paste over the black areas.
Is the black damage stopped, or still going downwards ??
If it has stopped the plant should be ok.
If you cut off the black areas you can paint the cut with copper.
Don't cut too close to the healthy section, in case the dieback travels down again.
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jakfruit etiquette
gotham city,3000,Vic
21st March 2021 8:53am
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xorrox says...
Add plenty gypsum to the soil.
Make a weak solution of seasol, liquid fertiliser and anti root rot, spray the leaves 3-4 times a day. If you don't have anti root rot then add phosphorous to the soil. Whatever leaves drop down use them as mulch.
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24th March 2021 11:22pm
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