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Avocado root stock starting to shoot

    2 responses

Libb starts with ...
Hi all, I recently purchased a Hass avocado grafted on to a bacon root stock, now what's interesting is that the root stock also has a branch running from the stem. Now normally on a fruit tree I would never let the root stock flourish as it takes away growth energy from the graft and also tends to take over as the parent tree but I understand the Bacon variety Avocado is a great cross pollinator for the Haas and I'm thinking that having two types on one tree could be beneficial. Now having said this approx. 7m away from the Hass Avocado's final planting location is a Bacon Avocado grafted onto a Bacon root stock so the cross pollinator is already there so to speak. So now I'm a little unsure of what to do I don't want to slow the growth of the graft but having the cross pollinator on the same tree would be interesting, maybe I could keep the root stock branches pruned so that it never dominates the tree. Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions.
Cheers Libby, oh and I put in a photo of the actual plant.
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1
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CHELTENHAM 3192 VIC Australia
25th January 2021 7:58pm
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Itstilldepends says...
Although the rootstock is a bacon seedling it’s still a seedling with the opportunities and risks associated with it.

The rootstock won’t be a bacon avocado, it may be similar but it’s still a cross with something else.

The rootstock is genetically younger than the graft and is likely to take longer to fruit (as a normal seedling would)

I would expect the rootstock to be more vigorous and potentially overtake the graft, although points 1 and 2 above would make me ditch it.

As you already have a Bacon, one option you could do is use the new shoot as a grafting point for a third variety. Personally, I’d cut it off.
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EATON 6232 WA Australia
28th January 2021 12:37am
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Avo L134 says...
As you already have a B type close by for cross pollination, it is pointless keeping it. By letting it grow it will take away nutrients from your HASS.
What you could do is attempt to graft a B type avocado scion onto it.
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Avo L134
28th January 2021 12:52pm
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