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Avocado Tree

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Wollemipine1 starts with ...
We have a mature avocado tree which is too tall. I would like to cut it back to about 2 metres tall. Is it okay to seriously prune avocados and if so, when is the best time to do it.
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18th December 2018 11:41am
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Caleb (Staff) says...
Hi Wollimipine1,

Avocado's are quite happy to get a heavy haircut. A few pointers to watch out for though.

- Sunburn. The stems can be rather sensitive under all that leaf canopy, so it's best to paint them with a watered down white paint, think thin layer of water based sunscreen.

- Graft. If your avocado is grafted you will need to watch for suckers and maintain your graft.

As for time, if you're frost free any time is fine, but early spring is preferred.

- Caleb from Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery
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Caleb (Staff)
21st December 2018 2:35pm
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