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Caleb (Staff)'s Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/12/18 Updated: 14/12/18 Frost:
Location: Kyogle

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Caleb (Staff) Forum Contributions
Subtropical apple weird shape - Hi Jules, It could be the age of the tree, other possible factors are lack of water, or pollination. Some plants are often semi-fertile and produce fruit without seeds when not cross pollinated; think seedless black sapote, cocktail avocados, etc. Water..485 days 9hrs
Help identify tree - Hi Tiara, A close up of the leaves is always helpful for I'D questions, but from what I can see I would suggest a QLD Kauri pine. Beautiful trees, they needles would look a lot like Bunyas only the spikes are spaced on the needle and big enough to be ..508 days 6hrs
Jackfruit sydney - Morning, hi, Jackfruit don't breed true to type, so the closest you would get with a variety is whether it is soft or crisp. You would only get a named variety through vegetative propagation, i.e grafts or cuttings. I haven't met anybody that could te..524 days 19hrs
Spanish lime - Hi GJH59, Unfortunately we don't stock Melicoccus bijugatus, but you are not the first person to come looking for it. If you do find a good source for propagation material we may be interested in bringing it in as a product. Good luck with your se..525 days 14hrs
Chestnuts pollination advice - Hi Francie, Our chestnuts range in climate suitability, so you would be in the cool temperate range in Sale I believe. I would recommend and Emerald Gem or April Gold as our best sellers for the range, otherwise Winchester or Reilly are commonly sough..525 days 15hrs

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