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Caleb (Staff)'s Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/12/18 Updated: 14/12/18 Frost:
Location: Kyogle

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Caleb (Staff) Forum Contributions
Help identify tree - Hi Tiara, A close up of the leaves is always helpful for I'D questions, but from what I can see I would suggest a QLD Kauri pine. Beautiful trees, they needles would look a lot like Bunyas only the spikes are spaced on the needle and big enough to be ..5 days 10hrs
Jackfruit sydney - Morning, hi, Jackfruit don't breed true to type, so the closest you would get with a variety is whether it is soft or crisp. You would only get a named variety through vegetative propagation, i.e grafts or cuttings. I haven't met anybody that could te..21 days 23hrs
Spanish lime - Hi GJH59, Unfortunately we don't stock Melicoccus bijugatus, but you are not the first person to come looking for it. If you do find a good source for propagation material we may be interested in bringing it in as a product. Good luck with your se..22 days 19hrs
Chestnuts pollination advice - Hi Francie, Our chestnuts range in climate suitability, so you would be in the cool temperate range in Sale I believe. I would recommend and Emerald Gem or April Gold as our best sellers for the range, otherwise Winchester or Reilly are commonly sough..22 days 19hrs
Finger lime21 - Hi Pritch, That is great news, we really appreciate your feedback, and love to know our babies are going to good homes. :) I hope it produces beautifully for you, - Caleb from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery..22 days 19hrs
Do you post to tasmania - Hi Mary P23, Unfortunately, we don't send to Tasmania. You have a very special ecosystem down there and we would hate to inadvertently damage it importing plants. I hope you find the plants you're looking for, Thanks, - Caleb from Daley's Fruit Tr..22 days 20hrs
Blackgold jakfruit - Hey Blackgold, Thanks for your interest. I would like to second this post. We love our Jackfruit here, so if anyone has varieties we don't stock, I can promise any propagation material you are willing to part with will be well looked after. Thanks..29 days 19hrs
Tulip satin wood for maker - Hi Ant, Unfortunately our Tulip Satinwoods are a fair size smaller than a guitar, but if you are considering a long term project, ( https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/buy/rhodosphaera-rhodanthema-tulip-satinwood-tree.htm ) we do have some seedlings availab..29 days 19hrs
Wai chee lychee sydney - Hi hi, Our Wai Chee's like them temperatures above 5 Degree's Celsius, but can get more tolerant as they mature. To go as far South as Sydney it would depend on your micro-climate and growing conditions. Thanks, - Caleb from Daley's Fruit Tree N..29 days 19hrs
Looking for grapes called lades fingers - Hi Wahid, We have a variety of white grapes called Lady Patricia https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/buy/grape-lady-patricia-vine.htm Unfortunately we don't have them in stock at them moment, but if you follow the link to the website you can request a no..29 days 19hrs
Looking for souey tung lychee - Hi mc1, Unfortunately this is the same answer as for the Sam Yeut, I don't know. Goodluck in your search! - Caleb from Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery..29 days 19hrs
Seeking samyeeyeututhung sanyuehong lychee - Hi again mc1, Unfortunately we don't stock the Sam Yeut Hong Lychee. I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to direct you, but I can tell you that Lychees don't seed true to type. You will need to either graft or marcott to be sure of the variety you are ge..29 days 19hrs
Soil acidity increase - Hi Raj K, The metabolic pathways of decomposition often lead to acidity increases, so it is quite possible that that is the cause. A rise of 2 pH is quite a lot though, so there may be other changes we haven't noticed. As for lime, it is quite a commo..29 days 19hrs
Dwarf peachnectarine trees - Hi Nellie101, I just checked our "e;most popular plants sold to [city]"e; https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Australia/NSW/Sydney/ It looks like our dwarf peach is the most common of the stone fruit to your area, it's low chill, can handle the c..29 days 19hrs
Buy citrus rootstocks in vic - Hi mc1, We stock trifoliata quite regularly as one of our main rootstocks, and we can post them down to you when they are ready. Jump onto our website https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/buy/trifoliata-rootstock.htm and request a notification email and we ..29 days 20hrs

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