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Backyard grape variety in Canberra

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sssforu starts with ...
Can someone please suggest a suitable grape variety to grow in backyard for Canberra climate? Possibly a red and white variety to grow in pot if possible

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5th May 2017 3:10pm
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Manfred says...
What do you want the grapes for? If for eating, Waltham Cross is the traditional Canberra white variety.
Your best bet these days though is to find a neighbour or friend somewhere with a vine growing well in a situation similar to yours and grow a cutting from that.
I had great success with an Isabella which I grew for a friend along a verandah. Lots of fat black caterpillars, but a few visits each season with the secateurs wipes them out if you get onto them soon enough.
Thomson's seedless (Sultana) is a good dual purpose grape though perhaps not, if you want quality wine. Riesling do well too.
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8th May 2017 9:27am
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