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Bark inversion technique and real calamondins

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jakfruit etiquette starts with ...
This tutorial is from Joe Real via Sylvain's pdf version, two citrus fanatics. The bark strip inversion is suggested to promote dwarfing of fruit trees and also early fruiting in seedlings.
You may consider that budding and grafting also insert a restricted area between the rootstock and scion, the healed callous. This may also have some effect on the fruiting of grafted trees, apart, from the maturity of the scion.
At the end of the pdf, there are also pics of real? calamondins. These look different to the Australian calamondins.
Ours are like mini tart mandarins, the real? look like mini tart oranges.
original source is tropical fruit forum
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16th May 2019 11:52am
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