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Black Booyong

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Kas starts with ...
I have a 1 acre garden and I am keen to plant a black booyong. I think that I will be able to provide sufficient protection from the frost for the first couple of years but I am concerned about our extreme summer heat. The position that I have in mind is in full sun.
Has anyone in this region had success with this? Would really appreciate to hear how others have gone with this.
Many thanks
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19th July 2017 4:01pm
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BJ11 says...
Hi Kas,
Whilst I'm not from Tocumwal, when I have revegetated paddocks in other areas of Australia with blistering heat I've started with pioneer species - things that are fast growing and relatively short lived, but that will provide protection from sun and frosts and help promote appropriate microbial activity in the soil.
If you can get some horse or sheep poop into the ground that is well composted, throw in some fast growing seeds of some quick growing 3-4m trees that can provide top cover and when these trees are established then plant the more delicate trees. By the time the more delicate trees have reached 3-4 they will be shading each other so not be as impacted by full-sun and the pioneer plants can be harvested or will simply fall down and add to the eco-system in time.
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15th August 2017 1:32pm
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