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Carambola tree challenged

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Jordan F. starts with ...
Hi, first time here. I have an in ground carambola star fruit tree that has been struggling ever since we planted it, meaning leaves turned yellow and pretty much all fell off. I never knew whether it was too much or too little watering. So new growth these past few weeks have emerged, very exciting, but this morning, I saw more little leaves dropping off again to the touch. So I am still concerned, and still can't figure out if it's too much or too little water. Of course the soil might be a factor, but I'm clueless about the watering.

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Jordan F.
Lighthouse Point
4th June 2019 1:46am
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denise1 says...
During hot dry weather you can water every day with little worry. Otherwise you will know if you need water by scratching beneath the surface each day and water if it is a bit dry and not if it is wet. If your soil seems to be wet quite often then you have poor drainage and need to replant with compost and something that will aerate the soil. Also mound the soil or plant on a slope to help excess water get away. If your soil is mostly too dry then you need compost , mulch and regular watering in the dry season. It will help for you to contact an experienced gardener in person and you will quickly learn the skills.
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auckland NZ
4th June 2019 10:31am
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Amanda says...
Is this Lighthouse Point in Victoria Jordan F...? If so then it is more than likely the cold doing this - especially if the plant is outside, in-ground and exposed?
I struggle with Starfruit where I am here, with our winters, and I suspect your winter might be colder than mine.
They have the same problem in winter here - leaves turn yellow and a great deal fall off.
They do prefer a slightly acidic soil and won't appreciate wet, cold, soggy and heavy soil.
You might have to grow it in a large pot instead - so you can move ito a warm sunny and sheltered spot, under cover in winter?
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4th June 2019 10:49am
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