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David Stiles starts with ...
I have two of your Casimiroa's. Golden globe and Lemon Gold.

I read that seedlings are not true to type and I cannot see a graft on my plants, so I was wondering how you propogate them?

Also they have not done well. They have been setback by heat last summer and frost this winter. Are they ussually slow to establish?

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Laguna, NSW
19th September 2008 10:20am
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Jantina says...
Hi David, My understanding is that no , seedlings do not come true. I had two casimiroas planted and they were doing well, then with the drought we had some vicious frosts (we normally just get a few mild ones)and they were burnt back to the ground and we thought we,d lost them.When the weather warmed up they shot again and have grown well again. I spoke to Perrys nursery where I got them and they said it was worth persisting with the regrowth (which of course is no longer a grafted variety) because seedlings usually produce very acceptable fruit.The tree that gets the most water has grown the most (funny that).We have given them dynamic lifter and a thick hay mulch in the summer and on the advice of Perrys a handfull or two of complete mineral mix. Perrys certainly know their fruit and give very good advice.The casimiroa I tasted there was superb and the tree is well worth persisting with. We garden on a north facing slope with well drained limey soil. Hope that helps.Jantina
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Mt. Gambier S.A.
20th September 2008 8:49am
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