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Cleansing soil after root rot?

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Jogardener starts with ...
Hi Just wondering if its possible to clean soil after an outbreak of suspected root rot? I have a raised bed where I had tomatoes, pumpkin and capsicum growing. All faded back with yellow limp leaves and when I pulled them up the roots had lots of cankers all over them. Is it possible to clean the soil before replanting?
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Birkdale QLD
19th January 2018 2:58pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Jog,

Yes it is possible to cleanse your raised bed of nasty pathogens especially this summer season by solarizing the affected garden bed.The elevated heat from under the black plastic will kill the weeds and the pathogens as well. Cover the entire area with thick black plastic. The one that concreters use. Then weight it down with rocks or bricks especially the edges to stabilize it against wind or animal disturbance. Let it be covered for the entire growing season. Next spring you can begin planting your favorite veggies again. But this time be selective with particular cultivars. Choose the more resistant varieties. Do your research which varieties are resistant to what pathogens. Move away from the susceptible veggie varieties that you have used previously. Also rotate the crops. Don't plant the same veggie family that you have planted this year next season. Sterilize all the tools and equipments that have touched that garden, even your shoes and clothing. Even the drip irrigation that you have used to avoid harboring the nasties. Just use diluted bleach.

Happy Gardening :-)
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21st January 2018 2:20pm
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Original Post was last edited: 21st January 2018 2:21pm
jakfruit etiquette says...
You can solarise the soil, ie cover and seal edges with a full sheet of plastic in full sun and heat it up.
Adding active compost and or composted chicken manure may also reduce disease levels. Any chance its nematodes ?
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jakfruit etiquette
21st January 2018 5:51pm
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